About Us

Mike and Kathie Boyce are the owners of Muddy Paws Winery, LLC. Here’s their story, told by Kathie…We started our wine journey several years ago by attending monthly amatuer wine-making meetings. I thought that learning to make wine would be something that Mike and I could do as a couple for fun, so we started going to the monthly meetings.They each bring one or two bottles of their homemade wine to share with the group and get feedback on their creations! Usually, the meetings turned into really fun parties, and we had a blast! Part of that fun was learning from other winemakers how to make wine! Mike caught on really quick and became very good at it! I soon learned that making the wine really wasn’t a two-person gig, so I moved over to “quality control”! Nothing got bottled without my seal of approval, and that is still true today!

We moved to Virginia with a dream of starting a winery of our own. The name “Muddy Paws”, as you may have guessed, is all about the dogs! We’ve adopted dogs, and other critters, since we were first married 23 years ago. We decided that it would be fitting to honor all of the fur babies that have come and gone over the years by opening a dog-friendly winery and naming each wine after one of them.

We want fur babies and their humans to come to Muddy Paws and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the dog park, and the beautiful scenary of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s nothing like sitting outside the winery enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunset over the mountains!

Kathie Mike Boyce